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Our guiding principles are legibilty and clarity - with each text
appropriate to the book's subject and its audience. A careful
consideration of typeface, line spacing and page margins are
essential to produce a readable text sympathetic both to
the author's script and the reader.

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For each project, trial settings are provided and developed
with the client, together with page counts and print costings.
The typesetting treatments of titling, chapter and section
headings are evolved at the same time.

In the last thirty years Libanus Press has gained invaluble insights
into the intricacies of book typography in many areas.
Typsetting includes:
Novels   Journals   Poetry   Academic works   Illustrated catalogues
Dual-language texts   Memoirs   Bibliographies   CD booklets
Monographs   Reference books   Museum and House guidebooks
Leaflets and posters   Policy documents   Campaign literature